about us


Hi there!


I’m Beth Chapell, Founder of crate + willow, and I am so excited you’re here!  

crate + willow is a full-service gifting partner dedicated to the art of nurturing relationships and celebrating life’s occasions in a thoughtful way.  Whether you are a small business looking to stand out among competition, a huge corporation building employee loyalty, or a busy mom who ran out of time to shop, we got you covered. 

I founded crate + willow after spending 15 years in corporate America (calling on the world’s largest retailer) and seeing first-hand corporate gifts that were executed in a painfully generic way.  I’m sure you’ve seen them too….a big ‘ol cellophane basket full of catalog swag that you’ll never use.

I learned a ton from my time behind a desk, and made relationships I’ll cherish forever. But I always found myself wanting more, and over the years, that led to a lot of different creative outlets (my husband still cringes if I say the word glitter!).  I found joy in creating and even more joy in giving those creations as gifts.  Most recently, that creative passion has been powder-coated tumblers.  As we customized them for clients, we found more and more ask us to gift wrap them, or pair with specialty items, (like coffee or chocolate) so they could give a more complete gift to employees, clients, or business partners. I loved this!  Gifting, for me, became the ultimate outlet…from choosing a theme to scouring and picking out the EXACT perfect items to the absolute best- seeing the joy it creates when someone opens their gift.

crate + willow is the evolution of this.  It was created as the answer to our customers' requests to elevate corporate and client gifting.  And today, we make it our mission to create gifts for every occasion that are thoughtful, beautiful and personal. But I haven’t forgotten my time in Corporate. With my background in logistics and account management, we've created a super easy and expertly executed process for our customers.  We manage all the details, so you don’t have to!  The result is a perfectly curated gift that will leave your clients feeling cherished and appreciated.

And why the name crate + willow? 
We get asked all the time!  The crate part was easy.  The willow part, though, is my favorite.  Everyone knows willow trees are beautiful, but they’re also incredibly flexible.  Their strength lies in their ability to take whatever elements come at them and bend gracefully, without their branches breaking.  I love that.  And I believe, in business – and life – we are most successful when we do the same. 

Now that you know a bit about me, and a bit about crate + willow, I’d love to connect!  Please feel welcome to reach out anytime!  You can find me at beth@crateandwillow.com.