Nominate a Gift


When I created a gifting company, I was so excited to help facilitate moments of joy.  Reasons for joy are all around us...we just miss them sometimes.  

Sometimes the reasons are big and super obvious, like a wedding or a new precious baby, and sometimes they're exciting but much more getting your braces off (folks, I had braces in my thirties, let me tell you, getting them off is a moment for celebration!) and sometimes, we want to just celebrate a special person.  

Our Nominate A Gift program was designed to encourage you to find reasons to celebrate with someone. Big reasons, small reasons, special reasons, everyday reasons....Find.The.Joy.  

In that spirit, we are giving away a SURPRISE GIFT every month based on your nominations.  Feel welcome to nominate someone every month; in fact, we encourage you to nominate every month!  

Here's how it works:

Every month, we'll read thru your nominations and choose someone to receive a surprise gift. Nominating someone is super simple, just use the form below.  

Once we choose the recipient for the month, we'll contact you and arrange for delivery/shipment of the recipient's gift.